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Why It’s Ok to Fail in Meditation?

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So many start meditating, only to quit after a few days. This causes a considerable amount of guilt, and sometimes we become self-critical and label ourselves a “failure”. This heightens anxiety and subsequently, the activity which we started for the purpose of reducing stress ironically becomes another reason to stress.

This is a vicious cycle that occurs far too often. We believe meditation to be a quick-fix for our problems, and when it isn’t, we give up and label ourselves as failures.

The truth is that it is ok to fail in meditation. In fact, meditation is not an activity or sport in which people can “win” or “fail” to begin with.

The Meditation Journey

To explain this concept, it is important to understand the fundamentals of meditation. It can be called many things – a journey, an experience, a lifestyle – but it is definitely not a competition.

The purpose of meditation is to become attuned with your mind, body, and soul. It is a journey to achieve deep peace, self-love, and relaxation. The goal is not to reach a “finish line”, but rather to enjoy the experience and actual act of practicing it.

Simply put, meditation is about the journey, not the destination.

That being said, meditation is a deeply personal practice, and people can experience it differently. Therefore, if you are attending meditation retreats and see that your contemporaries are experiencing the retreat differently from you, it does not diminish your journey. It simply means that you are on different meditative journeys, but can receive equal benefits and satisfaction.

Why it is OK to Fail in Meditation

Despite meditation being a relaxing act, it is not always easy. Sometimes despite your best efforts, you find your mind buzzing with thoughts during a meditation session. Other times, you may not be able to find time for your regular meditation routine.

This is natural and ok. Your meditation journey isn’t supposed to be “perfect”. It is more important to appreciate the learning curve and appreciate each session, rather than worrying about “doing it right” and “doing it perfectly”.

Once you are able to let go of your preconceived notions that tell you that meditation is a competition or a task to be done perfectly, you will begin to benefit a lot more from your healing journey.

Simply put, once you start enjoying the journey rather than worrying about reaching the end destination, you will feel more like a winner, and the benefits that you derive will be much greater.

So, the next time you are attending some meditation retreats in Dubai, or even if you are practicing a simple five-minute meditation session at home, focus on each present moment and do not worry about failing or winning.

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