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The Science Behind Energy Healing

Energy healing is a traditional system for healing and restoring the energy balance in an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. The practice of energy healing has been around for centuries. Many generations has relied on the power of energy healing, and it is an important part of various cultures, including Japanese, Indian, and Chinese culture.

In recent years, the rest of the world has caught up with the concept of energy healing. Around the globe, more and more people are understanding the power of the body to heal itself, and the benefits are becoming well-known. Energy healing in Dubai is no exception. as people are becoming aware there has been an increase in demand for an expert energy healer in Dubai.

Despite its widespread popularity and impressive success rate, many people still wonder about the actual science behind energy healing. The truth is that there is in fact scientific logic and proof behind the effectiveness of this practice.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an energy medicine that targets energy fields in the body. Simply put, it aims to remove blocks in the body in order to restore balance of energy.

According to the science behind energy healing, blocks are created in areas where there has been physical pain, or even emotional pain. Such energy blocks can create physical and mental illnesses in people. However, the body has the power to remove these blocks and restore the balance of energy in the mind, body, and soul, through the process of energy healing.

There are different forms of energy healing, for instance:

  • Reiki
  • Qi
  • Conscious Meditation
  • Yoga

No matter which method of energy healing therapy you opt for, the purpose is to remove the blocks in your mind and body. This will restore the internal natural balance and flow of energy. This can reduce stress, alleviate pain, and bring calm and serenity to the spirit and body.

Science Behind Energy Healing

Energy healing often causes sceptic amongst people as modern medicine cannot tangibly show the flow of energy in the body. That being said, many scientific researches have found that patients can actually benefit from energy healing and meditation practices.

There are several science-backed benefits of energy healing. Modern medicine is familiar with the body’s energy fields and uses them both diagnostically and for treatment. Doctors are now using some forms of energy, such as vibrational sound energy, light, and lasers

Tests have shown that during qigong practice and treatment, the electrical conductivity of acupuncture points changes dramatically.

However, long before physicists began to study energy waves, ancient traditions identified that vital energy that governs physical and mental processes and provides all living beings with a blueprint for health and abundance.

Popular energy healing practices such as Reiki have known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental health, and even release physical body ailments.

Of course, despite the growing interest, research, and evidence by the scientific community on energy healing practices, one cannot deny that there are aspects of healing that can’t be measured by modern technology. It is a divinely guided.

As Albert Einstein puts it –  “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

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