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Sonia Gonzalez

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Sonia Gonzalez

Sound Alchemist

 Sonia is a certified Sound Alchemist, with vast experience in the UAE, bringing different sonic experiences to the community for relaxation, healing and recognition of the true inner resonance. Sonia’s offerings are unique as she combines several sound healing instruments with chanting, dancing, breathwork, and shamanic ceremonies such as cacao, new moon, full moon and fire ceremonies. Being a Mechanical Engineer and a Professional Musician she delves into both the science and the art of sound healing bringing that wisdom into his teachings and workshops. One of her specialties is helping others into discovering their unique voices through special processes of toning and spiritual connection.

Areas Of Specialization:
  • Sound Alchemy Trainings
  • Sound Healing Sessions
  • Shamanic Sound Journeys
  • Celestial Sound Journeys
  • Chakra Toning Sound Healing

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