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Overcoming Loss and Grief with Energy Healing

Overcoming Loss and Grief with Energy Healing

Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. It can lead to a string of emotions, from anger to sadness and even depression. It can make you feel numb and unwilling to participate in daily activities and affect your physical health.

While grief is often associated with the death of a loved one, there are many different circumstances which people may experience that can trigger the feeling of loss and grief, such as:

  • Loss of health
  • Losing a job
  • Loss of financial stability
  • A miscarriage
  • Retirement
  • Loss or relationship or divorce
  • Death of a pet
  • Loss of a cherished dream
  • A loved one’s serious illness
  • Loss of a friendship
  • Loss of safety after a trauma
  • Loss of childhood memories

People who are experiencing grief often feel as if the feeling will last forever. But the truth is that you do not have to suffer with feelings of grief. In fact, there is the perfect method of healing with Reiki healing in Dubai.

What is Reiki Healing in Dubai?

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners in Dubai use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a universal energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the receiver in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Reiki healing is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to feel stressed and unwell, and experience negative emotions related to grief. Reiki healing in Dubai can improve the life force energy, making the patient capable of being happy and healthy to overcome their grief.

How Reiki Healing Can Help Overcome Grief?

There are different ways of coping with grief. Some people prefer to talk about their emotions, while others prefer to keep quiet, and some even release their emotions through aggression or violent outbursts.

No matter which way you are coping with grief and loss, and no matter which stage of the grieving process you are in, reiki energy healing in UAE can help. This is because it is a non-intrusive method of healing that involves ridding the negative and toxic energies from your body and replacing it with clean, pure, and positive energy.

In essence, reiki energy healing can help you cope with grief in the following ways:

  • Provide much needed peace and relaxation
  • Healing on emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual levels
  • Restoring energy balance of the chakras and removing negative energy blocks caused by repressed traumas
  • Positive energy from the Universe that can help bring peace to the body and allow you to prepare for the stage of acceptance of the loss
  • Relieve stress, pain, and other symptoms related to the loss

Therefore, reiki energy healing in Dubai is a safe and effective way to deal with loss and grief.

During an energy healing session, the foremost priority of the reiki practitioner in Dubai will be your utmost comfort. Hence, you will be able to feel much needed relief and comfort, while eliminating the pain and its associated symptoms. This will help you overcome the grief and enter the healing process.

Finding the Right Reiki Practitioner in Dubai

Coping with grief is a very vulnerable process. At the same time, reiki healing can also make you feel very vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to find the right reiki practitioner in Dubai who can ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole energy healing process.

Hub of Consciousness is dedicated to providing a healing environment that is comfortable and reiki healing which brings instant peace and harmony. We understand that overcoming loss and grief can be extremely intimidating, which is why we offer a holistic approach to reiki energy healing in Dubai that will bring comfort to every aspect of your life, and which will stimulate the process of overcoming grief without fear. Contact us to learn more.