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“Your life is a journey from unconsciousness to higher consciousness”

Conscious Meditations

As you raise your consciousness, you awaken to the eternal, unlimited nature of your being. Higher consciousness is ever-increasing awareness of the meaning of existence, your spiritual essence, and of the spiritual or energetic nature in all things.

Conscious Personal Transformation

One on One Transformation sessions is a unique journey that is ‘tailor made’ to address specific issues in your life that demand a total transformation in you.

This is where immense wisdom, tools & techniques and powerful spiritual experiences converge to change your life forever.

Hub of Consciousness, through these sessions, creates a sacred space between the psychotherapist/ spiritual teacher and You.

Conscious Workshops & Training Programs

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Becoming conscious of anything that comprises the world in which you live always leads to more freedom and well-being. Transformation is one of the most grounded ways to expand consciousness, as the pursuit of real personal change help reveal all that is unconscious and limited in our self-experience.


There are many paths, and many names for our Self transformation, but all paths have to navigate through the “roadblocks” of the subconscious mind.

Often the subconscious is like a mine-field of limiting beliefs and old outdated “programs” that are no longer worthy of who you are, or who you are becoming.


Perhaps you feel it very acutely, like a push to leave behind everything you know and travel into unknown.
Maybe you feel that there is something fantastic just over the horizon of your familiar life.

Perhaps you feel a longing, a lure for something you know is meaningful and essential for your being.

Conscious Body Awakening with Classical Yoga

Our Body Awakening Program with Classical Hatha Yoga stems from a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body, and uses yogic postures, or yogasanas, to enable the system to sustain higher dimensions of energy. By practicing this profound science, one can change and enhance the way they think, feel, and experience life. Hatha Yoga is about creating a body that is not a hurdle in your life. The body becomes a stepping stone in the progress towards blossoming into your ultimate possibility.

Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic reiki healing in Dubai is a spiritual healing practice that releases negative energy to fill the soul with love. Here’s what you need to know.

Archangel Metatron describes Angelic Reiki as ‘The New Healing for Our Time’, and says it will be paramount in bringing one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet.


Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools for transformation that exists today, but much mystery still surrounds this ancient practice.

Often when people use the word ‘hypnosis’, our mind runs to a circus stage where performers get people in the audience to do funny things by taking them into a trance.

Hypnotherapy in Dubai UAE