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Is Shamanism for You? 6 Ways to Find Out if this Ancient Healing Practice is Your Calling

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Spiritual healing has been used for centuries to restore energy balance, realign spiritual energy in the soul, and heal the body and mind from repressed traumas. The most ancient form is known as shamanic healing, which has picked up popularity in Dubai in recent years. Shamanism in Dubai is becoming more popular as people continue to learn about the fantastic healing benefits that ancient cultures derived from this practice.

Shamanism is a practice that involves a spiritual practitioner, known as a shaman, reaching altered states of consciousness in order to enter and interact with the spiritual world. The shaman is able to use the knowledge, power, and energy from the spiritual realm for healing in the ordinary world. This ancient healing practice has proven to be useful to people for almost 100 000 years. Even today, many people report healing and spiritual awakening from their shamanic practices in Dubai.

That being said, shamanic journeying is an extremely personal experience. Everyone experiences different sensations and results from their shamanic practices. So, if you are considering starting on a shamanic healing journey, but are wondering what to expect, then here are 6 ways to determine whether this particular spiritual healing practice is right for you:

1.    Level of Belief in Spiritual Healing

Before you get started down your shamanic healing journey, you must allow yourself to truly believe in the power of spiritual healing. It is natural to approach this ancient healing practice with a level of confusion and weary, especially if you have been accustomed to conventional medicine for so long. But strong disbelief in spiritual healing will create a mental block that will hinder your ability to become attuned with your spirit and soul.

2.    Reason for Spiritual Healing

Ask yourself why you are interested in shamanic healing. Are you suffering from a physical or mental illness that is unresponsive to conventional medicine? Are you trying to heal from recent traumas? Or do you feel a block in your life that you wish to remove through spiritual healing? Understanding your internal desire for shamanic journeying will give you a sense of clarity that will help you establish your expectations from the shamanic practices, and therefore whether it is right for you.

3.    Understanding Personal Role in Healing Process

If you are expecting shamanism to be a magic potion that automatically improves your life, then it may not be the right practice for you. Shamanism is a journey that focuses on self-healing. Therefore, while the shaman will be able to identify your energy blocks and guide you through the spiritual journey, you must be willing to search within yourself and become in tune with your mind, body, and soul for ultimate self-healing.

4.    Trust in Shamanic Practitioner

Finding a trustworthy shaman is key to having a comfortable shamanic healing experience. Therefore, consult with a shamanic practitioner in Dubai to assess your level of comfort. An expert shaman will provide you with a strong sense of comfort and security, thereby helping you achieve a comfortable spiritual healing experience. When you feel a sense of security with the shaman and feel comfortable in exposing your vulnerability, then you will know that shamanism is your calling.

5.    Desire to Explore the Unknown

If you are interested in breaking out of your old patterns of thinking and believing and are willing to dive into the unknown, then shamanism is probably right for you. This is because shamanic healing will make you break out of polarized views of the world in order to experience a spiritual awakening and enlightenment from within. If you are interested in exploring the world and entering a spiritual state, then this healing practice is right for you.

6.    Experience With Other Healing Practices

If you are a first-timer to spiritual healing, then it is a good idea to do some research and understand different healing practices and therapies. This way, you will be more informed and prepared to begin shamanic journeying.

Once you determine that shamanic journeying is right for you, the next step is to find the best shamanic practices in Dubai. Hub of Consciousness offers the most trustworthy, comfortable, and reliable shamanic healing practices with authentic shamanic practitioners. Contact us to find out more about getting started on your shamanic healing journey.