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How to Use Shamanic Journeying to Heal Yourself?

How to Use Shamanic Journeying to Heal Yourself

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing. It is actually believed to be the oldest form of spiritual healing in the world, being approximately 100 000 years old! Many ancient civilizations believed in the power of a shaman to enter the spiritual realm for the purpose of healing the body and soul.

In recent years, the increased global interest in spiritual medicine and healing has led to the revival of shamanism in Dubai. To that end, there has been a drastic rise in the availability of shamanic practices in Dubai.

However, it can seem daunting to learn about shamanic healing for the first time. It can be an extremely confusing and vulnerable first experience. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what shamanism is and how a shamanic journey can help to heal yourself from within.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a practice that involves a spiritual practitioner, known as a shaman, reaching altered states of consciousness in order to enter and interact with the spiritual world. The shaman is able to use the knowledge, power, and energy from the spiritual realm for healing in the ordinary world.

Believed to come from the Tungus word “saman” meaning (very roughly)holder of knowledge, a Shaman is the one who can interact and mediate with non-ordinary realities on behalf of others, usually by ecstatic trance techniques for the purposes of divination, information gathering, healing and to receive wisdom.

A shaman is nothing but a mediator, believing that true healing comes from within. Therefore, while the shaman is able to restore the energy balance in an individual and remove spiritual blocks in the soul, the individual is responsible for using the shamanic healing sessions to look inwardly and heal themselves. For this reason, the shamanic journey is a means of personal spiritual healing.

What is a shamanic journey?

In shamanism, it is believed that there are two kinds of realities – the ordinary reality (in which we exist) and the non-ordinary reality. A shamanic journey is when one accesses the non-ordinary reality for the purpose of healing. Shamans enter these altered states of consciousness in order to communicate and connect with helping spirits to retrieve information. The information attained is generally brought back for healing purpose

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans believe that true healing cannot be done at only the physical level. It needs to be dealt with at a soul level by identifying the root cause of the ‘dis-ease’.

However, It is important to note that shamans believe that despite their great accessibility to the spirit realm, all healing is self-healing. A shamanic healer knows how to move and manipulate the energy of another’s body and can pass wisdom through the spirit realm, but true healing must take place inside the spirit of the individual.

How to Use Shamanic Journeying to Heal from Within

The helping spirits of the shamans are able to diagnose the cause of an illness, give insight, and then help to facilitate the required treatment for healing. In order to do this, the shaman goes on a shamanic journey to retrieve information, locate and release energy blockages, and increase the body’s ability to heal.

In order to heal yourself from within from shamanic journeying, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It is important to believe in the power of spiritual healing. Approaching a shamanic healing session with a great amount of skepticism creates a mental block that hinders healing
  • Find a shaman practitioner who you feel comfortable with. Shamanic healing is a vulnerable practice that requires a feeling of trust and security.
  • Always remember that shamanic journeying is an inward process, you must become in tune with your mind and spirit to fully benefit from a session with a shamanic practitioner.

Where to Find the Best Shamanic Practices in Dubai

All healing sessions may be different, but there are some common things that you will experience in a shamanic healing session. A shamanic healing session will take place in a quiet and peaceful environment, either indoors or outdoors. After a sacred space is created, the shaman will likely communicate with you, they may ask about your history, your illness, or how you are feeling.

Whether you want to learn shamanism or experience a shamanic healing session, at Hub of Consciousness, we truly believe that the power lies within you. Contact us to learn more about how shamanic journeying can heal you.