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How to Send Energy Healing to Others

How to Send Energy Healing to Others

Sending good thoughts and good intentions to the people dealing with psychological, emotional, and mental distress is more important than you may realize.

In a world where everything is associated with energy, your thoughts and your intentions can, and do influence matter.

People usually talk about sending positive energy and healing thoughts to someone in need, but do we fully respect the significance of these positive thoughts? And do they work when someone is not physically present?

Sending out energy healing or distance healing is a practice used by people all over the world. People have been researching about the matter for a long time, sometimes with inconclusive results.

The study and research of quantum physics have made great strides in our knowledge and understanding of how the universe works.

What does energy healing look like?

You may not see energy but it is present everywhere. From our bodies to our thoughts, everything is associated with energy. Thought energy is a powerful force and has been proven on multiple occasions. It is an energy healer that sends positive vibes to the ones in need. This also indicates that distance healing is just possible but also very real.

A study conducted in 2008 argued that people having prior knowledge about reiki healing – the sending of healing intentions from one place to another could greatly influence the autonomic system of the recipients.

The autonomic system is a part of our nervous system and has access to some of the bodily functions like heart rate, digestion, sweat, etc.

How does Energy/Reiki Healing work?

Energy healing has a close connection with physics. Below are some of the principles of energy healing as explained in quantum physics.

  • The intention is energy. Even though the instruments are unable to locate the signals related to intentional energy, some people doubt its authenticity while some believe it’s true. The results are unverified.
  • Your energy is not confined to any specific time or constraints.
  • Particles are present in the field of potentiality. This means that your intention can greatly impact the behavior and its particles.

Practical ways of sending energy healing to your loved ones

We are all energy beings and have energy that flows around us and within us. When we become informed of this energy and its potential, we can use it for the safety and wellness of the people.

Being able to send energy from one person to another is not a talent or something to boast about. With just a few tricks and practice sessions, anyone can do it. Here is how you can send healing energy and how energy healing consultation centers in Dubai do it.

Create space first

The first and the most important part is to find a place where you are lost in your thoughts and there is no one to disturb you. Make sure that you have sufficient room for energy healing and the place is neat and clean.

Relax your mind

If you are not relaxed, you will not be able to send energy healing to others. Therefore, to stay relaxed, take a few deep breaths. Keep on breathing and exhaling for a little longer until you are fully committed to sending healing energy.

During the process, you can even say the name of the person to whom you are transferring your healing energy out loud. But that is just a choice and not a requirement.

Uplift your energy

For you to send positive healing energy, start rubbing your hands in a circular motion until you feel the energy between them. During the process, you can easily feel the pulse of energy from your hands when you pull them slowly.

Create a ball of energy for healing

Once you feel the energy flowing through the palm of your hands, imagine you are shaping it in a sphere-like circle. You can also grant these energy balls color, depending on the type of healing you are sending.

  • Blue is for emotional healing
  • White is for spiritual healing or normal healing
  • Green is for heart healing
  • Blue is for emotional healing

Devote your entire attention to this energy ball and imagine making it bigger and stronger with every breath you take.

Send the healing energy to one in need

When you are confident that the energy ball you have is powerful enough, imagine how you are sending it to the person of your choice. You can even ponder on how the recipient gets the energy and how better he/she feels after its effect.