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Find the Others: The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

Find the Others: The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

The world has never been so connected, and people have never been so disconnected. Everywhere you look, people are staring into screens and away from each other. People are all alone, together. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Here, we take a look at the importance of finding your tribe. The importance of finding others, like you.

Read on to find out what it means to find your tribe, why it’s so important and exactly how you can find the others. But first, we’ll take a quick look at the history books and what high society looked like a couple of million years ago.

Ancient tribes

Humans have lived in small tribes for as long as humans have existed, and this makes perfect sense. There is added security in groups, we could hunt more efficiently, and we could work together on tasks such as gathering firewood or scouting for water. To be able to perform these tasks, however, required social interaction beyond anything we see today in the animal kingdom. It involved developing tools and creating early languages and pooling intelligence together to ensure that early societies thrived.

What’s more, a number of scientists today believe that a special type of neuron in the human brain means that social interaction could be responsible for the cognitive revolution.

These mirror neurons help us understand the intentions, emotions, and experiences of other humans based on facial expression, hand gestures and body language. This is what allowed us to work together on increasingly complex tasks. In short, the fact we lived in tribes is thought to be one of the reasons we have evolved so much. Fast forward to the present day however and human life is unrecognizable from that of our tribal ancestors.

Modern-day: living without a tribe

Today, we live largely disconnected lives. The wider community, upon which we used to depend, doesn’t exist in most areas of the modern world anymore. Especially not in the way that we need it.

This can lead to feelings that we don’t belong in society. Without the regular social interactions that humans have evolved with, we can very quickly fall into feelings of loneliness, isolation and even depression. Studies have even shown loneliness may pose as much of a health risk as smoking and obesity. Furthermore, social media is often the most common source of social interaction in today’s society. And while social media can be a brilliant tool to connect with others, it is important to remember it in these terms, as a tool. It is a medium for human connection, and it is the need for human connection that drives it. Connecting in this way, through digital devices, leaves a lot to be desired and adds to the current epidemic of disconnection.

To remedy this, we must connect with others in a real and physical way.

Finding the others

Finding your tribe has become such a common expression in recent years that we rarely take the time to stop and think about what it really means. Instead, it has become a slogan for the spiritual community that isn’t given a second thought. Cleanse your chakras. Good vibes only. Find your tribe.

In today’s terms, your tribe is simply the people you surround yourself with, and finding your tribe is just the term given to consciously curating this group of people. Ultimately though, it is about connecting with the people that are aligned with you on a deep level. Those who uplift and inspire you, that support you and make you feel safe. Those who share similar views and beliefs about the world and how to navigate it. Those who you feel an innate connection to. It’s about finding the lovers, the big thinkers, the dreamers, the free-spirited, the creators, and the passionate. It’s about finding the others, like you.

The benefits of finding your tribe

Finding others comes with it many benefits. Each connection will differ and have its own strengths, but the benefits below will give you an idea of how far-reaching and positive the impact of finding your tribe will be.


Interacting with your tribe socially will lead to a number of benefits such as:

  • Improved social skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Healthier psychological state


The emotional support you receive from your tribe will lead to:


By playing and exercising together your tribe can help you:

  • Increase fitness levels
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination


There are deep spiritual rewards from truly connecting with others, including:

Other areas

  • Your tribe could advise you on financial matters
  • Your tribe may give you feedback on situations, decisions and important projects
  • Your tribe will make you feel naturally more adventurous
  • You will meet more people through your tribe

Essentially, finding your tribe and finding others like you, can have a positive impact on every area of your life. It really is that simple.

How to find your tribe

We no longer need to hunt for food, build camps or carve stone tools, so how do we go about finding the others? How exactly do we recruit for our tribe? It may seem daunting at first, the idea of finding other people to include in our tribe. It is such a simple process, however, and something that is inherent in the nature of humans.

Imagine an event, such as a sports game, where all those wearing the same sports shirt become the best of friends for an hour or two. This is the inherently social nature of human beings, and it is this nature that allows us to build our tribe.

There are some simple steps to follow here.

Be intentional

Your intention plays a huge part in this search for your tribe. Your outer world is but a reflection of your inner world, and as such you need to be coming at this journey with pure intentions. As an example, that we discussed in our Sufi article, to find love you must become love. This intentionality follows with all things. You need to embody the vibration that you seek to attract, and it will naturally find its way to you.

Finding your core

First off, you need to find your core. This could include enlisting the help of others you already trust, or by deep reflection and introspection. But ultimately you need to figure out what you believe, what your values and principles are and therefore what kind of people you want to attract.

You cannot begin attracting the others, like you, until you truly know yourself.

Be authentic

Once you’re sure you’re intentional about the space you’re coming from, and you truly know yourself, the next step takes a little courage. You need to be authentic. You need your actions and words to be in alignment with your beliefs and values. And yes, that means people might not like you, but that’s ok.

People naturally gravitate to those with similar beliefs and views of the world. And they naturally feel some resistance towards those with different beliefs. This is a dual-edged sword and something that is simultaneously scary and liberating in equal measure. But it is essential in showing to others like you, that you are like them. And more, sometimes by shining ourselves, we give others the permission to shine too. You may be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you receive when you begin being your authentic self.

Put yourself out there

This one’s a little obvious. You’re never going to find people to connect with if you don’t interact with people. And while this can be scary too, there are some areas that make it easier:

  • Go to shared interest groups
  • Involve yourself in projects to help others
  • Collaborate at work
  • Join a sports team or exercise class

All of these bring people together that already have some shared interests, and this will improve your likelihood of finding someone you truly connect with.

Be open and accepting

On this path, you are going to meet people that come from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds. You will meet some people with the same values and beliefs, and others with very different values and beliefs. It is important that you are open and accepting of different people on this journey. This projects to the universe that you are not judgemental but open and willing to receive its gifts. It also projects to other people that you are an open and accepting person, and it allows them permission to be more authentic. This way, you are more likely to find your tribe sooner.

Enjoy the process

Finding your tribe has become so prevalent in the spiritual world, that it often has undesired effects. It can leave people who haven’t yet found their tribe feeling anxious and pressured to do so. This is because you are attaching some value in the end goal, instead of enjoying the whole process. As such, by becoming anxious, you are out of alignment with your core and you will never attract your tribe.

Instead see this as a beautiful process of self-transformation and discovery that leads you to the people that have always been there, waiting for you. Once you release this need to ‘be there’ you will naturally relax, and this will help you vibrate at the frequency you need to be. It’s never about the destination. It’s always about the journey. And we’ll write more about this in the future.


Ultimately, this is a journey that we all must undertake, and that knowledge alone can make it more comfortable. By bringing conscious awareness to the importance of having a community around you that nurtures you, and by taking the steps to work on yourself and come from a truly authentic space, everyone can find their tribe. Everyone can find others.