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Sana Lohi

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Sana Lohi

PHD Metaphysics, Art Therapist & Spiritual Hypnosis

Sana Lohi is a Phd in Metaphysics. Her core work revolves around healing relationships using Past Life Regression. She was featured in Yoga life Magazine, Time Out Magazine, Gulf news, and Viva Magazine for her regression therapies, workshops & unique meditation styles. Sana also has a diploma in Fine Arts, with specialization in Art Therapy and uses art to heal and bring harmony. With her teachings, she enjoys integrating her scientific education and metaphysical studies to embrace the best from both aspects. She believes everyone has a significant purpose, that is unique to them. She also helps in growing and evolving spiritually.

Areas of specialization:

  • Art Therapy Workshops
  • Past Life regression & future progression trainings
  • Spiritual Hypnosis, Intuition, Psychic Development & Channeling Workshops

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