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Monisha Gurkar

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Monisha Gurkar

Angelic Reiki®, Theta Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

A Holistic Healing Practitioner working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies across different levels of consciousness and timelines. Her practice encompasses unearthing inhibiting bottom beliefs, clearing root causes of ailments and healing through her connection with the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters and Source. She walks you through her findings and this allows a place for self-contemplation and self-empowerment; while providing the guidance and support needed. Her knowledge allows for a customized and deep healing session.

Areas Of Specialization:
  • Angelic Reiki® Trainings
  • Angelic Reiki, Theta Healing & Spiritual Response therapy 1:1 Sessions
  • Connecting with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters & the Source Workshops & Sessions

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