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Era Arora

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Deepa Arora

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Era Arora

Co-Founder, Crystal Healing & body Work practitioner

Era is a seeker, a spiritual entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Hub of Consciousness. Crystals came into her life like a gushing river of love, and changed her life forever. She is qualified as a crystal healing practitioner and crystal bodyworker from Australia. She propagates that working with crystals is not just magic, it is science. Era has been working with crystals for over 4 years now having worked with 100s of crystals and is very knowledgeable about their properties and how they can help with your intention. She specializes in aura cleansing and chakra balancing with the help of crystals.

Areas of specialization:
  • Learning to heal with certified crystal trainings
  • Manifesting with Crystal Grid Making
  • Chakra Balancing & aura cleansing with Crystals

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