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Eight Simple Tips to Practice Mindfulness During the Holidays

Eight Simple Tips to Practice Mindfulness During the Holidays

Mindfulness is a powerful meditative practice that allows you to be truly present in the moment. It allows you to be aware of who you are and what you are doing in the moment, without any worries about the past or present, and with no judgement.

While it may sound simple, most of us are never present in the moment. This is because we are always occupied with our past burdens, and anxious about our future struggles, responsibilities, and tasks.

This causes a range of mental and physical ailments, as well as an overall sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment.

Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your life can thus lead to greater happiness, health, and overall wellbeing. Joining a wellness center in Dubai or participating in meditation retreats in Dubai is the best way to start on your mindfulness and meditation journey.

However, with the holiday season upcoming, what better time to get started on your mindfulness journey?

Here are 8 simple tips to practice mindfulness during the holidays:

1.    Practice Gratitude

Holiday season is the perfect time to practice gratitude. Actively search for reasons to be grateful and speak your gratitude out into the universe. This involves consciously allowing yourself to be present in each moment and finding things to be grateful for, such as the roof over your head, family, and food to eat. Start each day by counting your blessings.

2.    Active Listening

During holidays, you are likely to be surrounded by friends and family. Take the time to actually listen to them when they are speaking. Too often do people listen passively, or only for the purpose of giving a response. But there is great peace that comes with simply listening for the joy of listening.

3.    Manage Expectations

Many people expect large, grand celebrations. However, this is not always possible. No matter how you are spending your holidays, practice mindfulness by setting healthy, realistic expectations and communicating it to the people around you. Allow yourself to enjoy the present moment, even if it does not live up to the hype created in your head.

4.    Food Mindfulness

Feasts and large meals are common during holiday season. But it also usually leads to huge wastages. This year be mindful of the food you are eating. Enjoy your family meals, savor each bite, relish the different tastes and textures, and avoid wastages. Consider donating extra food to those in need to practice ultimate food mindfulness.

5.    Open Your Heart

The holiday season is a time of love and togetherness. But many people enter the holidays feeling stressed, burdened, or upset. To truly experience mindfulness and meditation during this time, open your heart and let go of the burdens. Focus on the joy of being alive in each moment, and truly listen and respect those around you.

6.    Daily Meditation Session

Holiday season is a busy time. But it is important to take some time out of each day for a focused mindfulness and meditation session. This can be done by attending a daily meditative session at a wellness center in Dubai, or simply by practicing meditation in a quiet place in your home every morning.

7.    Let Go of Negativities

If you find yourself constantly plagued by negative thoughts, holiday season is the perfect time to let go of it. Use constant mindfulness and meditation techniques to remove negative thoughts from your present. Moreover, consciously convert your negative thoughts to positive affirmations.

8.    Indulge in Self Care

It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations but make the effort to spend some time indulged in self care! Practice mindfulness while treating yourself to a warm bath, a spa day, or some weekend meditation retreats in Dubai. No matter how you choose to indulge in self care, be conscious of each moment that you spend doing it.

 Follow these 8 simple tips to deepen your mindfulness and meditation journey over the holidays. This will help you enjoy each moment of the best time of the year, while training your mind towards living a more mindful lifestyle in the year to come!

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