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Conscious Personal Transformation

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Conscious Personal Transformation

One on One Transformation sessions is a unique journey that is ‘tailor made’ to address specific issues in your life that demand a total transformation in you.

This is where immense wisdom, tools & techniques and powerful spiritual experiences converge to change your life forever.

Hub of Consciousness, through these sessions, creates a sacred space between the psychotherapist/ spiritual teacher and You.

You will gain insights into your emotions and feelings; you will be led through powerful processes such as Hypnotherapy, Psych-K and Energy Healing, that culminate in life transforming leaps.

We must remember it took us more than an hour to develop a challenge. Most challenges have developed over many, many years and hence, embark on this journey to peel away those challenges and find the new you.


Meet Deepa Arora

HOC is a reflection of its founder, Deepa Arora, a Sufi, mystic healer and consciousness coach in Dubai. Untangling her own life’s mysteries to becoming a living example of ‘Chi’, Deepa has chosen this life to make sure every single soul that touches her universe, creates another universe within…

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Hub Of Consciousness Dubai

"I would like to register here my gratitude towards Deepa Arora. I attended first a law of attraction meditation with her and decidedly to go ahead and attend a work shop by her last Friday June 9th 2017 which i have no better words to describe than AMAZING. Deepa is a lovely soul, full of love and knowledge to help every one who has the intent to continue the journey...., i will definitely continue to attend her workshops, she must know how glad we are to have her in Dubai! Thank you so much"

- Vivian Saffier
Hub Of Consciousness Dubai

"I had the pleasure of meeting Deepa during my journey of self-reflection and discovery. Walking into her office for the first time I was met with genuine interest and curiosity. Deepa's presence and energy alone were healing and her words resonated with me instantly. Any doubts about whether or not this was the right thing for me vanished immediately. Deepa is by far one of the most professional and caring people I've met. I learn a lot from her and those learnings are now embedded in my daily life. I aspire to be as centered and connected with myself and the world around me as Deepa is. Simply put, I am better off having met Deepa and you would be too."

- Husein Al Rada (UAE)
Hub Of Consciousness Dubai

"I know Deepa from last serval of months. Her spiritual guidance, love and compassion has changed my life. It is amazing healing. I recommend Deepa's grace to those wishing to unearth greater aspects of themselves...spiritually and psychologically. A very thorough and skilled practitioner and soothsayer. And moreover a wonderful soul she is! The essence of the healing is very calming and nourishing. I am also pleased and fortunate that Deepa offers general clearing/ healing/ balancing energies in conjunction with every session - this elevated my energy and overall experience. Thank you for showing love and light in my life."

- Dr. Sanjay Gahlot Head - Sales (Jakson Engineers Ltd.)
Hub Of Consciousness Dubai

"My experience with Deepa is nothing less than witnessing Miracle happen in my life, not once but many times. With every session, I have felt more enabled and empowered to be who I am. Like a lighthouse guiding the ships in the storm, she has been a guiding light who helped me find my path. I am indebted to her for life. I am grateful to have met you. My love and best wishes for everything you do in Life. Thank you."

- Dr. Komal Smriti (Relocation Manager, Sterling Relocation, India) Manager