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Conscious Healing – The Power of Meditation to Heal Oneself

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“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

– Carolyne Miss

Human body is wonderfully designed with self-healing abilities. We naturally produce antibodies to kill nasty germs, fix frayed DNA, remove toxins and so much more.

So why does our body’s self healing ability sometimes derail?

The answer – Caveman originating fight-or-flight syndrome. Even though modern man is safe from lion attacks today, our stress response is triggered numerous times on a single day. We still confuse our relationship issues, financial worries, & career stress as if a lion was attacking us. Because we do so, our body produces a string of chemicals & hormones, preventing our body from doing what it does best – Keep us healthy.

Luckily, we have a powerful solution: Meditation. Scientifically proven over hundreds of studies to quiet down and deactivate the stressful parts of the brain, while nourishing our bodies with the magic nervous system soothing elixir, meditation is the very best technique for proper mind-body self-healing.

How can meditation help you heal?

  • Meditation Enhances your ‘Chi’ or Life energy – Breath is the basis for life. As you begin to integrate conscious breathing, your life force begins to expand; making you alert and energetic.
  • Regular practice of meditation heals the body – As discussed above, often the root cause of the illness is in the mind. Once you begin on the journey of regular meditation; you will feel lesser stress & anxiety keeping you positive and balanced. This passes on to the physical body & nervous system, keeping you healthy.
  • Meditations keep your chakras balanced –  Our body consists of 7 main energy centers known as chakras. Along the way, these energy centers can get blocked or imbalanced impacting your physical and emotional wellbeing. Meditation is a powerful way of cleansing, unblocking, and balancing your chakras triggering your self-healing process.
  • Meditation can support the world to heal – Humanity is a collective consciousness. Unhappiness breeds unhappiness. Similarly, positivity breeds positivity. Meditation is a powerful tool to raise collective vibrations and align with universal energy. Not only that, if you are happy & positive, but you will also spread that to people around you and it becomes a beautiful ripple effect.

Is there any science behind meditation?

A lot of you must be thinking; how can meditation help heal? There is no science behind that! As meditation has become increasingly popular over the years, the scientific community has done a lot of research into the science behind meditation. Here are some insights into how meditation is a great tool for self healing –

  • Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School showed that regular practice of meditation helped reduce heart diseases by 45%, lower high blood pressure by 43%, reduce cholesterol levels significantly, and also slow down the aging.
  • Breathing meditations are often associated with promoting better integration of the brain with other organs. This can lead to enhanced human performance.
  • Meditation improves your response to anxiety and stress and also reduces depression by enhancing your ability to regulate emotion.
  • Meditation is a great mindfulness practice. It reduces stress by helping you focus on the present. You will never be anxious if you’re fully present.
  • Meditation leads to enhanced sensory perception. By shutting out everything external for a short while, you start experiencing an enhanced awareness.

Studies have shown that the benefits of meditation last longer than the time you spend for meditation!

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The possibility of healing is always there. The starting place of all healing is the trust and commitment to follow our inner guidance, those internal nudges, and maintain an open mind to think very differently than we have in the past.

Whether you are a regular meditator or a new one, we at, Hub of Consciousness offer a supportive platform to help guide you throughout your journey.

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