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Benefits of energy healing

Do you know that your body is surrounded by a ‘field of energy’? The Chinese call this ‘qi’ and the Yogis calls it ‘chakras’, but despite its different names, the energy of your body plays an important role in your daily life. As you go about your day, your energy field is constantly reflecting, absorbing, projecting and even deflecting the energy of everything around you. As this happens, your energy or energetic centers can weaken leading to emotional, psychological and spiritual distress.  But the great news is; these energy centers can be balanced and healed!

Energy healing has been proven to be so effective that it is even used in major hospitals and health facilities around the world. Clearing, reenergizing, empowering, balancing and calming your energy field is a really powerful, proven path to healing.


Energy healing works with channeling the energy that courses through your body in order to heal it. This can be done with hands-on practices, such as acupuncture and Reiki, as well as sensory-based experiences, like the use of crystals & sound baths.

Science is also backing up the powers of Energy Healing – One 2013 study found that 10 minutes of energy healing was as effective as physical therapy in improving the range of motion in people with mobility problems. Using different techniques and modalities, one can unblock the flow of energy in your environment leading to a more harmonious life. There are innumerable benefits to energy healing. Keep on reading to see how energy healing can benefit you.


1 – You’ll notice a CHANGE in the way you feel. 

Following an energy healing session, you will notice a considerable difference in the person you were prior to the session, you’ll also start to feel distinctly lighter and, in some sessions, ecstatic. This is because the negative, unsupportive energy you were harboring has been released from your field allowing for new light and new positive energy to be introduced into the cells of your body.

2 – It removes Subconscious Blocks

Since most of our daily thoughts are subconscious, we’re often unaware of the type or quality of some of the thoughts. So, we don’t know just how badly our subconscious thoughts are weighing us down. Entering a session with an energy healer can help reveal these Subconscious Blocks and release them. There are a variety of ways that energy healing converts these subconscious blocks into new beliefs, opening you up to healing and an endless array of new possibilities.

3 – It releases the emotional trauma associated with past experiences

This is the point at which energy healing truly excels. It is important to know, that the usage of medicines cannot heal emotional trauma, they provide temporary relief without getting to the root causes of the problem. Oftentimes the original trauma is hidden from the mind and it is only through a similar experience that they might recall the older trauma. This is because it’s only in the subconscious mind that the original trauma is stored.

4 – It Eliminates Ancestral Programs & Patterns

Often times, the things that limit us and cause us problems in our bodies can be traced to ancestral programs that run in our subconscious. These are nearly impossible to locate on your own, never mind releasing them. However, a skilled, intuitive energy healer can reveal these patterns and programs, allowing them to be brought up to the surface where they can be seen and released.

5 – It removes all ties to Negative Energies and Experiences

As energy beings surrounded by things created out of energy vibrating at certain frequencies, we have energetic ties to everything in our life. It is through energy healing sessions, that the ties we have to any of these outside energies can be released.

Energy Healing is a Personal Journey. What journey do you want to take?

If you want to experience energy healing for a positive impact in your life, contact us for a Free Consultation!