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Helping You Elevate Your CONSCIOUSNESS & Transform Yourself
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Hub of Consciousness provides you with the tools, techniques and platform to
work towards your inner well-being helping you live an abundance and joyous life.
We combine the powers of psychotherapy and spirituality and help you integrate
real change in your everyday lives. Be it cultivating meaningful relationships,
releasing obstacles and limitations, attracting abundance or finding your true self,
HOC helps you prepare a fertile land where the seeds of a happy and abundant
life spur leading you to true inner consciousness and your authentic self.
After establishing our presence in Dubai for two years, we are exciting to bring Hub
of Consciousness to Abu Dhabi, an oasis of transformation, peace & healing.
Explore yourself with Hub of Consciousness through:

One on One Personal Transformation Sessions

Weekly Meditations

Consciousness & Self Transformation Workshops

Trainings & Certification Programs


We have created a space of peace & tranquility in the heart of Downtown Abu
dhabi, reflective of our ethos that yin & yang creates perfect balance. Our space
not only has conscious design, but every corner, design detail and art pieces speak
a story from the soul. Our sacred space provides an intention based platform to
awaken the mind, body & spirit. In over 3,000 square feet of transformational
space, each room brings you a story, an aspect of transformation

Earth Transformation Room

Empowers you bring stability, peace & harmony in your life. Invite strength of mind, steadfastness, determination and uninterrupted advancement towards your goals

Fire Transformation Room

Fire represents our relationship to ourselves and to others. It governs our ability to share love, warmth, and joy with friends, colleagues, intimate partners, and in fact with the entire human race. It is the spark inside that allows us to feel enthusiastic and inspired in what we do.

Water Transformation Room

Water is known to have healing powers. Almost 70% of the earth and our bodies are made up of water. Water has to nurture energies. Water pulls out negativity, balances our emotions, and makes our minds calm and focused.

Air Training Room

Air Represents Growth; and our training and workshop room is just designed to do that.

Space Ancient Wisdom Meditative Space

Imagine walking into the jungle how the shamans would, or whirling in the mountains like the Sufis, our meditative space brings you wisdom from our ancestors, a green oasis, where you can disconnect from the outside and reconnect from the inside, knowing that the nature’s powers are supporting you at all times.

Himalayan Salt Room

With the floor covered with 350 kg of himalayan rock salt, the walls built with himalayan salt bricks, this room brings you to experience an ultimate cleanse. Himalayan Salt allows its stored vibrational energy to be released and absorbed into the physical body for detoxification, and into the energetic body for unblocking chakras.


As you step into the world of evolving consciousness, it can be difficult to decide
what may be best for you and what you truly connect with. We have a dedicate
team of both international and local therapists, trainers and holistic practitioners to
take you on this journey with true dedication and authenticity. Whether you want
to simply meditate, practice yoga, go on a personal healing journey or grow
through trainings and workshops, our facilitators bring in their years of experience
to help you truly transform.




Regression Therapy

Life Coaching


Angelic Reiki®

Chakra Healing &

Aura Cleanse

Crystal Healing

Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Space Clearing

Theta Healing

Theta Healing

Spiritual Response


Shamanic Healing


Deepa Arora - Consciousness Coach & PSYCH-K® Facilitator:

Deepa has over 15+ years of international experience, in psychotherapies, past life regression therapies, NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and PSYCH-K on one hand and shamanism and sufi healing on the other to help individuals release their physical, mental and emotional blocks and walk on the journey of togetherness, raising self-consciousness and inner transformation.

Era Arora - Consciousness Leader:

Era’s journey of consciousness ultimately culminated in founding Hub of Consciousness. Having spent 10 years in the corporate world across the globe and one of the youngest achievers; Era realised her soul’s purpose was helping the world merge back to their infinite potential and live a more conscious joyful life.

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