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6 Quick and Easy Meditation Techniques for Anxiety

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In this day and age, anxiety is a common issue that many people deal with. Super busy lifestyles, everyday pressures, and hyper-stimulation from external factors can cause stress, burnout, and anxiety.

It is all too easy to brush these feelings of stress away, citing no time to deal with it. But leaving anxiety untreated can lead to extremely harmful long-term consequences. Not only can it worsen your mental condition, but it can also lead to physical illnesses and harm the soul.

Therefore, it is worth your while to take measures to cope with your anxiety. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful meditation techniques and meditation in Dubai that can relieve your stress and symptoms of anxiety.

To help you get started on your healing journey, here are 6 quick and easy meditation techniques for treating anxiety. These simple exercises can be practiced at any time, and require no fancy props or medication! It is also a great way to get started before attending your meditation retreats in Dubai

1.    Deep Breathing

This is the most simple meditative technique that you can use at any time and place. Try to quiet your mind and forget about your stressful thoughts. Start inhaling through your nose slowly, counting to 10. Once you have inhaled and filled your belly with fresh oxygen, hold it for a few seconds before slowly exhaling through your mouth. Repeat this exercise several times. Repeat this exercise any time you feel stressed to automatically stabilize your breathing and ground your thoughts.

2.    Conscious Breathing Exercise

Simply find a comfortable place to sit, and close your eyes. Repeat the deep breathing exercise above, but this time spend extra time focusing on your breathing, and block out the rest of the stimuli. This conscious breathing exercise is a relaxing meditation technique for a number of reasons. Firstly, it draws fresh air into your lungs, thereby normalizing your breathing and heartbeat. If can reduce blood pressure and other stress-related symptoms. Moreover, by focusing on your breathing, you are able to relax your mind and focus on the present.

3.    Mindful Chores

Oftentimes, individuals feel anxiety when they rush through life without taking a moment to live in the moment. The constant need to “jump through hoops” and quickly complete task after task leads to a sensory overload and causes stress. Therefore, this easy meditation technique can help ground your mind and reduce anxiety. Simply be observant and indulge in every chore you do. Think not about finishing up the chore or what you will do next, but simply allow your senses to enjoy the simply act of doing.

4.    Visualization

When you begin to feel overwhelmed, visualization can be a great relaxation technique. For this exercise, simply close your eyes and allow your imagination to take you to a “happy place”. This can be a childhood destination, or a favorite destination. Imagine yourself indulging all of your senses. For example, if you visualize a beach, imagine the sand beneath your feet and the scent of fresh water. This is a great way to quickly alleviate anxiety.

5.    Grounding

This meditation technique is ideal for situations when you feel overstimulated and panicked. Ground yourself to reality by focusing on your immediate environment and senses. Find three things that you can see, two things that you can feel, and one thing that you can hear. Engaging your senses will stop your brain from spinning into an overthinking web.

6.    Mindfulness

This is the most simple form of meditation. No matter which activity you perform in your daily life, do it with complete consciousness. Whether you are brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, allow yourself to focus on the moment and enjoy the experience. Do not worry about the future or past, only focus on the present. This will calm your mind and reduce stress.

These quick and easy meditation techniques are great ways to instantly relieve anxiety. However, if you find yourself constantly feeling overwhelmed, then attending meditation retreats in Dubai, in addition to these relaxation techniques, may help you.

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